Sea by Roosevelt (The song that saved my summer)

Roosevelt’s Sea is the song of my summer. It will forever remind me of the sunny season — creeping into a groove that could accompany any spontaneous road-trip to the seaside.

Son of German city Cologne, Roosevelt takes you on a magical journey with innocently placed reverbed lyrics, dance orientated synths and unashamedly funk guitars all layered over the strongest of grooves. He plugs into the very reasons why I love music. Sea transports you to a beach where you dance under hazy purple skies — far from the reality of the cramped Camden boozer he has just delighted.

Roosevelt pulls all the strings to make even the most awkward amongst us dance, forgetting all social inhibitions and reminding us that life is good. The secrets of a perfect summer day have never been so obvious.



Happy Easter and that.

I may be alone here but I have a strong urge now and again to hear ukelele. Mainly because in all art forms I am a minimalist. By that, I don’t mean I’m shit, I just love art and music forms in their rawest and purest form even on the twangiest instrument in the world. By that I don’t mean I like folk either. I simply mean arrangements that use the space as an instrument captivate me more than a messy canvas or a song that has twenty tracks on it.

So today I’m celebrating the Ukelele in all it’s irritating glory.

Amongst the enormous amount of shit ukelele covers on Youtube varying between some guy in his pants playing Paint It Black, some bird in her pants playing Third Eye Blind and some Australian dude in no pants singing Joy Division I came across the very talented TUR Orchestra. They did a cover of Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Dosed. It’s very pretty.

Did you enjoy that? I thought not, but I did so suck it.

Much love,

T x


Had I been at my sexual peek in the early 1970’s, I would’ve definitely donned these non-creased, high fashion threads. It wouldn’t have mattered that I looked like a paedophile at a garden party, because everyone else did too.

Much love x

Kick Up The Booty

Unbeknownst to us somebody has uploaded a video of a rather lethargic duck accompanied by our track ‘Cocktails and Gold’ onto Youtube.

It’s not a regular occurrence for us chaps to be socially shared so we had a little look to see who this fellow is that’s been spreading the word. Imagine our delight when we discovered that it was none other than grahamlynch10, the much celebrated uploader of Hot Girl Tight Pants, Sexy Girl In Shorts Hot Bum and pièce de résistance Sexy Girl Fart In Panties.

God bless the internet


Got Mics Will Shoot Videos

We’re currently recording way too many tracks in way too short a period of time with our good friend Ben (AKA Got Mics Will Travel). We managed to force him to book us into a tiny recording slot he had open before he heads off to Canada for a few weeks work. Poor Ben.

He’s put together a YouTube ‘making of’ video of Sanch and I laying down our parts over the first few days of recording. He’s also written a very complimentary little blog about us which offsets the fact that just about every time I appear in the video I am cocking something up.

For the record I was using a pick with a drawing of Bart Simpson on it and you can both watch the video and read his blog entry here. Cheers.