Belvita biscuits are just rich teas sandwiching bodily fluids

Been a while this time! How you doing? That’s a nice pair of trousers you have.

So life finally got in the way a little bit. We’ve all been off doing separate things and making our way in the world but are now back and going to start bombarding you again with all the things us bastards are doing. Which is cool, right?

Firstly, the awesome gentleman known as Tom Robinson invited us on his BBC6 show to do a live session. We recorded three songs, one old, two new and talked with him about writing our upcoming debut album. We also met the awesome fella that is Craig Charles as he was finishing his DJ session. You can hear this session HERE.

Secondly we’re finally working on our debut album. We’ve been heavily listening to early 1960’s surf bands such as The Crossfires, The Pyramids, Johnny and the Hurricaines and Duane Eddy, and mixing them in with our blend of dance beats and punk vocals. It should be cool. We’ll be posting snippets online here as we go as well as posting reviews of stuff we’re listening to.

Lastly, on a purely personal note, I have never really liked cardigans. I feel they are an unnecessarily awful and ugly garment and not countless hipsters or Nirvana Unplugged will change my opinion. Sorry, but that’s just how I feel. I don’t know what a snood is by the way but I already hate them.

See you soon and thanks for all your support. Hopefully see you in a dirty club soon. Oh, and before we go, if you haven’t heard Diamonds by The Boxer Rebellion, it’s a great tune. We heard it through BBC’s speakers and it sounded awesome.


Andrew (Wildebeast), Kenny (Sir Wordsworth), Marek (The Rocket Scientist) and Thom (Thomosexual)


Forgive my ignorance but I’ve never heard of the Freemasons before. I was was vaguely aware of someone once saying there was a theory that the world was run by a few select, probably priviledged people in a secret club or something, but I wrote them off as one of those people I didnt want in my life anymore.

Anyways, so I was walking behind Covent Garden with my mate and I ask him what this building is. He says it’s the Freemasons Hall. I say what’s that? He tells me it’s a secret society. I say it doesnt really ooze secrecy given the fact it has the founders name in stone on the front and it’s the most conspicious building this side of Saint Pauls.

Basically, the way it looks is that there are these rich intelligent people who, over the years ‘get things done’. I’m still none the wiser to these things they have ‘got done’ as I would have thought the first port of call was to make it more secret. Maybe put a cloth over the building or something. Maybe not have the king Freemason’s identity on the secret headquarters front door or it may leave them open to cold calling. Also I hear they shout out their life confessions naked and bat each other on the arse with paddles. Now you’re just attracting attention. Secret my arse. Image

Much Love,

T x

Money Men

“You have bled with Wallace. Now bleed with me.” – Robert The Bruce

That was from Braveheart. I doubt he said that though. In fact I know he didnt say that and I wasn’t even there. He probably said something like “Wallace is dead. One shall lead thee now into battle. One hopes you liketh me as much as Sir William or I might cry-eth.” He should have said ‘This time round, we’re going to do it like a boss.” Which is where the relevance comes in, in a roundabout sort of way.

Kick Up The Fire are proud to present Money Men; our second EP.


1. Loaded
2. Spiders
3. Takeover
4. White Cube

Recorded in a 19th century mansion by Ben Standage ( and inspired mostly by the corporate greed that really gets our goat. Cover art was by Boaz Sachs (

Being generous bastards, we’ve put a link below so you can listen to ‘Spiders’ the second track from the EP. Like a boss.

You have our love,

Andrew, Kenny, Marek & Thom

Regional News

I tend to remember regional news. Mainly for the reason that it often reflects the area from which it came. When the band had a photoshoot down in Merstham, Kent, the headline outside the local (and only) shop read “Student sheds 6 stone”. I never found out the ins and outs but I think it’s probably as basic as it sounds. In my head it could have easily read: “Fatso sees the light” and have a bigger impact. I should be in journalism.

The headline in the hometown where I grew up last time I visited read ‘By-pass could be disaster, says vicar”. I guess they do stuggle for drama in villages, especially ones in which the Vicar has the last word on major works of construction and the by-pass — such a rocky road ahead. I like to imagine the eager journalist shouting at the Vicar in the square: ‘What about this by-pass, Father?’The Vicar, assuming a mourneful demeanour and leaning in to the journalist, lowers his voice as if to disclose some massive secret. He whispers, ‘it could be a disaster if I’m honest’. Bang! Headline of the week.

I guess I’m glad smaller towns don’t have London style news reports that vary from “Man bludgeoned to buggery, then thrown into a well” to “High speed train drops under 50mph, Keanu Reeves called into action”.

The best news is of course funny news though and the one above serves my point well.

Much Love,

T x