Forgive my ignorance but I’ve never heard of the Freemasons before. I was was vaguely aware of someone once saying there was a theory that the world was run by a few select, probably priviledged people in a secret club or something, but I wrote them off as one of those people I didnt want in my life anymore.

Anyways, so I was walking behind Covent Garden with my mate and I ask him what this building is. He says it’s the Freemasons Hall. I say what’s that? He tells me it’s a secret society. I say it doesnt really ooze secrecy given the fact it has the founders name in stone on the front and it’s the most conspicious building this side of Saint Pauls.

Basically, the way it looks is that there are these rich intelligent people who, over the years ‘get things done’. I’m still none the wiser to these things they have ‘got done’ as I would have thought the first port of call was to make it more secret. Maybe put a cloth over the building or something. Maybe not have the king Freemason’s identity on the secret headquarters front door or it may leave them open to cold calling. Also I hear they shout out their life confessions naked and bat each other on the arse with paddles. Now you’re just attracting attention. Secret my arse. Image

Much Love,

T x


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