Because you need a new one of them..

In Park Lane there is a shop that sells up market and expensive bannister rail stoppers. Fair enough really I suppose. Those with a posh enough bannister rail may indeed need a posh enough bannister rail stopper. I may like to add though that this is all they sell, and judging by the decor, they make a killing.

Now I’m not going to go on about how our society is ran by this type of self-indulgant corporate greed or that this business venture is pointless but I will say if your bannister rail stopper is a huge bust of Sir Isaac Newton or a giant iron fist then your house is too big, you have too much money to throw around and deserve to slide down your own bannister, legs akimbo and take the punishment.

To be honest too I can’t think of a situation where you’d be browsing in this shop let alone walking past and thinking: “You know what, I’m tired of the classic acorn bannister rail stopper I have, I was thinking about the sultans palace tower style, but I’ve just seen this absolutely glorious head of Queen Victoria. Everybody in the land will appreciate this as they ascend my old oak staircase.” It’s a different world isnt it. I sort of did like the giant fist though. Nothing says relentless corporate boss like a giant fist at the foot of the stair well.

Much love,

T x


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