Mellow Magic

Sometimes you just don’t want to listen to cool music. You’re music-ed out and no longer want to hear intelligent lyrics to bowel movement assisting bass lines and ethereal soundscapes. You want to hear some shit.

One of the bands unwritten rules is that the cab we get home from a show has to be playing Mellow Magic FM. I am guilty of starting this guilty pleasure but as I said, sometimes you just want to hear some mindless toss. When I say mindless toss, I mean amazing 70’s and 80’s tuneage. Ever watched the performances on Top of The Tops 1977? Priceless. You can’t teach that.

I have produced a playlist of shit that is positively heavenly and will reduce a drunken you, into a blubbing and fisting the air-like thug.

1. Boy Meets Girl – Waiting For A Star To Fall (Because opening with a saxophone is definitely cool)

2. Mental As Anything – Live It Up (Because it’s really really sleazy)

3. Nightranger – The Secret Of My Success (Because it makes you want to succeed and wear shoulder pads)

4. Annie Lennox – No More I Love You’s (Rub-a-dub-dub-dub aaahh, need I say more. Genius)

5. Eric Carmen – Hungry Eyes (Because it’s sexy AND emotional)

6. The Beloved – In Sweet Harmony (It has nude ladies in the video and makes me think of nude ladies when listening)

7. Limahl – The Never Ending Story (Because it makes you ponder mortality. Sometimes.)

8. T’Pau – China In Your Hands (Because it’s hideous.)

9. Toto – Africa (Because it’s probably the best chorus in the world)

10. Berlin – Take My Breath Away (By this point in the journey we are usually paying the driver, but never the less are still singing, or imitating the ridiculous bass line <Bow Now Now Now Now>)

Don’t Say I never give you anything.

Much love, T x


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