Day Of Pain

Yesterday was a day of mostly pain. I managed all of this by stupidity though I might add. When my trilby blew off in the wind I retreived it from a bush and cracked my head on an elm tree branch.

Then in Charing Cross station I kneed the closing door and prompty hit a nerve, causing me to limp like a fool into the foyer of a shop, hastily moving out of the way of bustling shoppers to poke myself in the eye with my umbrella. Later in the day whilst re-stringing my spanish guitar, I stepped on a disguarded string that went under my toenail, and even later biting the inside of my mouth and burning it at the same time on some soup.

When I went to bed I entered at the foot of it and went under the duvet defeated. People obviously have it worse than me, but fuck you, it really hurt.

Much Fucking Love,

T x


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