Regional News

I tend to remember regional news. Mainly for the reason that it often reflects the area from which it came. When the band had a photoshoot down in Merstham, Kent, the headline outside the local (and only) shop read “Student sheds 6 stone”. I never found out the ins and outs but I think it’s probably as basic as it sounds. In my head it could have easily read: “Fatso sees the light” and have a bigger impact. I should be in journalism.

The headline in the hometown where I grew up last time I visited read ‘By-pass could be disaster, says vicar”. I guess they do stuggle for drama in villages, especially ones in which the Vicar has the last word on major works of construction and the by-pass — such a rocky road ahead. I like to imagine the eager journalist shouting at the Vicar in the square: ‘What about this by-pass, Father?’The Vicar, assuming a mourneful demeanour and leaning in to the journalist, lowers his voice as if to disclose some massive secret. He whispers, ‘it could be a disaster if I’m honest’. Bang! Headline of the week.

I guess I’m glad smaller towns don’t have London style news reports that vary from “Man bludgeoned to buggery, then thrown into a well” to “High speed train drops under 50mph, Keanu Reeves called into action”.

The best news is of course funny news though and the one above serves my point well.

Much Love,

T x


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