With One’s Self

Last night I had a romantic night in with myself. Occassionally I think it’s important to do this. Good for the soul. After all, we know what we like best.

We watched 80’s classic; Sleeping With The Enemy which I found in the study in my flat. Then we had some ice cream with strawberries and shared a cigarette. The film was terrible…And I love the eighties. We agreed it didn’t matter what we were going to watch anyways as we were probably going to end up making out. By we I mean me. Just so we are clear.

During the film we heard a loud bang outside. I went to investigate as he was too much of a big jessie. Outside, a patio chair had fallen over where it had been leaning precariously against a tree.

‘No reason to be alarmed’- I called up to me, as I got back into bed and spooned with me. Then we made love. And once again, by we, I mean me.

Much love,

T x


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