Done a record. Doing a show.

Alright folks. Quite late on the blogosphere publicity here but we’re playing a show at the Old Blue Last this Sunday. We have, however, been promoting it on Twitter and Facebook for those of you who appreciate us beyond our ‘Fluffing’ exploits or our ‘Lionel Richie’ appreciation club. It’s free and we’re playing with three awesome bands, two of whom — Gunning for Tamar and Jumping Ships — are on the wonderful Alcopop! label. It’s going to be a blast. Details can be found right here.

We’ve been banging on about recording our EP and it’s pretty much done now. Massively excited to announce that Pete, the sole remaining member of Down I Go not to have recorded with us, has now laid down some sax on a couple of our tunes. That’s our tribute to the late great Clarence Clemons of the E-Street band. There are also reports that the glorious ginger Lily-Allen-loving one — that’s Alan by the way — made a glorious return for the record. The only proof we have is the picture below.

Je m'appelle Alain Booth

Been big fun recording with Ben of Gotmics. Highly recommend him to anybody looking for a kick arse producer. I did throw my phone at his cat by mistake one day, though. Please don’t do that if you do have the pleasure of working with him. Milly, I apologise. It was an accident and we all love you.

Big love. See you all on Sunday? Of course we will.



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