More Fluff.

Yesterday I posted an ad on the internet for my own amusement. It read:

Fluffers wanted for adult entertainment feature film. High end stuff. Good rates of pay. Experience preferred.

Today I received three responses. One of which was from the administrator telling me it had been taken down, the other two read –

1. What does it pay? I’m interested but not experienced.

2. I would like to apply for the job in question. Please consider me for the role.

Just goes to show, doesn’t it. I shall continue my quest into the philosophy of fluffing. But not before I replied to response number 2.

Dear Paul, Thank You for your application. The said ad was actually a fabricated advertisement for the role of fluffer for an adult entertainment orientated feature film. However if I was indeed making a film of the nature, you would be first on my list for the role as the other guy seemed to be all about the money whereas you sounded well up for it. Kind Regards.

Much love,

T x




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