Spiritual Healing

This may well sound simple. I may well sound simple actually… Infact SOME people say I’m pretty simple.

Anyways, this may be a large claim to make but I think I have come up with a golden rule and high brow philosophy far greater than any religious text or wise teaching that every man, woman and child of all creed and race can follow. Ah, yes, hear ye when I say:

“Just don’t be a knob”

See, there’s no smiting with this comment, no complications, it’s personal and yet above all, it’s simple. We’ve all been one, and we know when we are being one. So don’t be one. It’s that simple. You can’t write a whole book on it, granted, but that’s really the beauty of it. I apologize in advance for any plates dropped, fainting or people dropping to their knees in ecstasy due to the awesome nature of this revelatory blog post. But guys, come on, you deserve to know.

So there we have it, the moral code for the new millennia.

Once again, your ruddy welcome.

Brother Tx


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