Charity Video

I have to convince the whole band first of course, but all it will take is three pints, my cigarette pack rinsed and a ‘You know what’d be fucking funny…’

(If this post stays up and you are reading this) then I’d like to announce the band will be putting out a promotional video for AIDS charity.

It will be a music video with the three of us greased up and in girls pyjamas, miming and dancing (choreographed) to Erasure’s 1980’s hit ‘A Little Respect’, possibly having a pillow fight and acting out suggestive night time activities. 

That is all I can say about it at the moment until the rest of the band send me abusive and threatening messages. Then I shall of course post them as quotes in my next blog.

This was also our 100th blog post. Our highlights include Alan slamming Lily Allen, Kenny’s war against the racist and oppresive regime of Addison Lee, Andrew abusing Jim’s Dad at Edward Sharpe and the popular guide to being a fluffer.

You’re bloody welcome, T x


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