Well well. It appears more and more people have been searching fluffer related terms after my original fluffers and fluffing guide. Through our blog we can find as many as 80 google searches for advice and employment information. Too bad they only got my blatently uninformed, novice guide, but beggars can’t be choosers it seems.

Therefore, me being such a charitable son of a bitch I thought I’d make a web page for it on my lunch hour. Yup, you are now looking at the new owner of Make Me A Fluffer.com, you lucky dogs. The ‘quick-question and answer and FAQ’ page is going to be fucking laugh.

Should you frequent my site, (you dirty slag) you can expect more a less this much content –

* Your short Guide To Fluffers And Fluffing
* Where To Start: The Art of Handling
* Practicing At Home
* Ask The Expert (About Fluffing)
* Photos (Of Fluffing) (Probably Not Safe For Work)
* Become A Member (Haven’t thought this bit through yet)

Expect http://www.makemeafluffer.com up this week.

Much love,

T x


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