I’m not one for classical music really. But whenever I hear Holsts Jupiter (Well, the second part of it – the first part is a bit cupcake if you ask me), I get a warm snug feeling. It’s poetic, gracious and awe inspiring. Except when you’re in the dentist. Then it’s not so much.

Back when I was a projectionist it was on in the booth while lacing a film. I got a bit carried away whilst conducting (part jokingly, but part deadly serious conducting ambition) and I hadn’t noticed but the whole pre-show audience, plus two ushers were turned around and watching a sillhoetted figure in the projection booth conducting wildly with a ruler, before abruptly stopping and staring at them blankly until humiliation led me to skulk out of view.

If you have time this weekend, find it and conduct like a mental. It’s very satisfying. Follow the link below. I managed to find only the bit that’s good. The beginning is gay and unconductable to.

Much love x –


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