My first Scientologist.


Today a scientologist asked me if I was stressed. “No” I said taking a large drag from my cigarette and weeing a little in trepidation.

He asked if I wanted to be rid of all my stresses, worries and possibly shortcomings. I said that would be awesome in the most sincere tone I could muster.

He said he would I like to come to a meeting. I politely declined. Then he asked me what my sins are. What a question. So I told him I wasn’t confortable disclosing such personal information baring in mind we’d only just met. So thanked him for his time and wandered off.

He did get my phone number off me though so I’m sure to be getting some pretty interesting calls. I’ll pretend he’s an admirer calling me to hook up. That’ll learn him. Pushy cunt.

Much Love,

T x


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