Today I saw a guy’s wig blow away in the wind. No disrespect to fellas that wear wigs. Fair enough really. I can’t imagine the annoyance and embarressment some guys feel.

Anyways, this guys wasn’t subtle about his haystack. It was a blonde thatch, and his features were fairly dark. Well, he was Indian actually.

This wig was obviously very important to him as he pelted after it for sometime before climbing over a short wall to unhook it from the low branch of a hedge.

The final kick in the nads I imagine, was that when he put it back on there was a disguarded fag butt and a twig in it. It wasn’t even this that invited ridicule- it was more that he put it on backwards so that the back of his head had a center parting…And a fag butt swinging in the breeze.

Much love x


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