Religion (I’ll whisper it so I don’t offend anyone though.)

I usally write irellevant, stupid and some times inappropriate posts but in the last few weeks I’ve been subjected to more than my fair share of religious biggatory and would like to vent.

In the last three weeks I have been told that I’m going to hell, have had several passages from the bible shouted to me in public places and lastly, someone over hearing my conversation about extremist Christians, said: “The lord has all the answers you need..You just have to ask for forgiveness.” From what?


I don’t need to know the answers to the universe and how we came to be, I think it’s quite amazing I am even here at all and don’t need a supreme, divine dictator’s rules to follow unconditionally because there is an incentive at the end of it all.

Most religious texts can be summed up in the words: “Just don’t be a nob.” It needn’t have been such a cunt about it all.

Anytime I bring up this subject with a religous person I get morally trodden on with stuff like; ‘If it makes you happy then fine’. Which IS fine. Only it’s not true. Most people believe in things based on evidence not on the grounds that it’s pretty damn apprealing…Which it is by the way. Seven virgins welcoming me into the gates..Sounds brilliant. But the chances of seven virgins actually wanting to welcome me into the divine kingdom and then having sex with me whenever I get the horn sounds pretty remote to me on the whole. Bit sexist too if you ask me.

This is opinion of course but I make no apologies…Religion is silly…

Many Thanks,

Thom x


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