..I think it’s called cottaging…

Today I’ve realised most things are about sex. Especially on TV and music.

My mate got me thinking when he said that all dancing actually is (Except for the wierd stuff where people are simulating being a glass of water and stuff) is foreplay. I partially agreed with this statement but at the same time wrote him off as a wierdo and a sex maniac.

But then I was watching a music video that had those two birds from B*Witched. But they were all grown up and in leotards and simulating through interpretive dance what can only be described as that thing where a fella is in the toilet and he makes a hole and waits and then puts his…Well you know what is.

Isn’t that sad? Those four innocent Irish lasses who were morris dancing round a tree and beating up a boy are now into cottaging or glory holing or whatever depraved act is now in fashion. Call me a prude but I think we can safely say we are up to our balls in cock….

I shall leave you to think about it….

T x


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