Breaking News: Ginger Spice Leaves the Spice Boys

It’s been a while since we last posted a band related blog entry but there has been some activity despite our lack of shows.

Firstly Alan is off to Canada to sow his wild ginger oats. Going to be a massive loss to us but it’s definitely awesome to play (and learn) alongside one of your best mates. His angry blogs will also be missed *sniff* *sniff*. Fortunately we are blessed with another good friend and also Down I Go wizard in Marek Bereza who will be coming in to replace Alan and his ferocious ‘licks’.

On another note, it’s taken an age but we believe we will soon have the final masters for our mini-album which will be out at some point after the summer (date to follow at some point soon). We will be on the lookout for good shows in the build-up to the release, assuming good promoters will be so kind as to have us.

In the immortal words of Jerry Springer; “until then take care of yourselves and each other.”


p.s. We still don’t like you Lily Allen


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