Kick Up The Booty

Unbeknownst to us somebody has uploaded a video of a rather lethargic duck accompanied by our track ‘Cocktails and Gold’ onto Youtube.

It’s not a regular occurrence for us chaps to be socially shared so we had a little look to see who this fellow is that’s been spreading the word. Imagine our delight when we discovered that it was none other than grahamlynch10, the much celebrated uploader of Hot Girl Tight Pants, Sexy Girl In Shorts Hot Bum and pièce de résistance Sexy Girl Fart In Panties.

God bless the internet



3 thoughts on “Kick Up The Booty

  1. Could you post the lyrics to Cocktails and Gold somewhere? I always mishear songs and it usually ends up with me in really awkward, embarrassing situations.

    • Photo albums of crazy nights out,
      A life-like persona throwing poses and pouts,
      She puts it about for a suitor to bite,
      Trying to bag a rich boy whose dying to bag a fit bird,
      She plays the boys who flex at the bar,
      Full house commitment regardless of cards,
      She knows that she’ll win big but lives for the bluff,
      Trying to bag a rich boy whose dying to bag a fit bird,

      Where do so many pretty girls go,
      Those who know how to dance for cocktails and gold,
      From inhaling an income to dodging the dole,
      Now they can’t use their face, to pay for their place in Angel.

      Applying an armour with pencils and pads,
      Tanked up at home and then out on the razz,
      She’s off to the dogs but they no longer bite,
      Vying for a fit boy, supplying what her rich man can’t,
      Now just battalions of weaponless knights,
      Castrated stallions not up to the fight,
      She’s hailing a cab, then taking flight,
      Crying for a fit boy, supplying what her rich man can’t

      Here in the vodka brothel,
      She’s a professional,
      Maybe she’s born into it,
      Maybe she’s made up.


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