Pipped By Britney. Oooo-errr…

Yesterday Papa Cougar Microbes posted a new Kick Up The Fire track on Hype Machine. To my surprise I received a message when I got to church today which told me they are currently just being pipped to a ‘Top 66’ spot by Britney Spears. Here’s a picture:

Naturally I was devastated at these talented young lads being so close yet so far from a coveted Top 66 spot. Those of you who have Twitter can help put this right by sending the following status update from your Twitter accounts:

Just loved Kick Up The Fire – Cocktails And Gold at http://hypem.com/track/1036718 #hypem

God bless you all and lots of love,




The internet works so fast that it sometimes even beats itself! Before this blog entry has even shown up on our Facebook profile we’ve jumped into the top 20. Look:

We’re hungry for power. Please keep voting and feel free to show us some loving by clicking on the heart too.

See you later Britney!



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