Bedtime reading.

Nothing beats late night toast. Whilst killing time in the kitchen one night I discovered a little gem that belonged to my two flatmates. It’s an illustrated book named “How to make love” by Ingrid Warsaw. It’s a pretty thick book and boasts ‘over a thousand intimate color photographs’. The toast could wait as far as I was concerned, and I had a browse.

It details step by step how to please not just yourself, but your other half or casual shag. From the way you can make your eyes smile across a French Cafe with a mouthful of croissant or similar pastry offering, to post coital activities including eating confection off each others worn out genitals. The section I particularly found insightful was this parable of wisdom from Ingrid’s chapter: ‘The art of fellatio’ (Not for the prude, I imagine).

Blowjob basics

After a relaxing bath or shower together sit him down in his favorite armchair and gently undo his silk bathrobe (Definitely silk Ingrid, is it?). Kneel in front of him, looking right into his eyes and he will feel like an emperor in his throne. Gently run your finger tips over his belly and round his thighs, before lightly tonguing his shaft (Nicely put, Ingrid). This will make him feel delicious. Keep using your mouth and tongue gently until he moans in ecstasy. Then when he is not expecting it, grab his penis (steady on, Ingrid) and get to work with your mouth.

Much love

T x


One thought on “Bedtime reading.

  1. like an emporer in a thrown… oh dear!

    so what does a woman feel like when she’s getting pleasured by the emporer in his silk bathrobe?

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