Ice to Meet You

We appear to have spent most of 2009 ranting about something or other, whether it be Lily Allen, Berocca ads or the lovely people over at Addison Lee for their jovial customer interaction skills. I’m going to make the second blog entry of 2010 a positive one.

We recently had to rearrange a show originally scheduled for last Thursday (7th Jan) at South of the Border in Old Street to Friday (8th Jan) at the last minute. Cheers to everybody who braved the ice and made it down to watch us. T’was a fine eve, with Boaz from Cougar Microbes spinning some great tunes. Thank you very much to our good friends Hope & State and to Watford’s The Social Club and Working Dead (by the way Zubrowka goes down a treat with apple juice fellas) for loaning us gear and playing rad sets, and to Karl for making us sound better than normal. I thoroughly recommend getting down to South of the Border to soak in good times with some awesome people.

We’re now taking a mini-break from playing shows to record with our good friend Ben of Got Mics Will Travel global fame. Tracks will be made available on our Myspace and Facebook pages as soon as they’re good and ready.

Wishing you peace, happiness and a rant-free 2010.



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