Dear Addison Lee [part 2]

If you’re not going to get a refund you may as well risk facing legal action…

Dear Customer Relations

I am writing to follow up on a letter I sent you on the 8th of December of last year.

The letter laid out in meticulous detail what I believe to be the exact occurrences of Monday 16th November when an Addison Lee driver refused to transport me half a mile unless I paid him £16. It also outlined the customer [couldn’t] care [less] experience I received in the direct aftermath of this unsavoury incident. Further to this I raised the concern that while I may share the same skin colour as some of your drivers it does not mean I share the same pre-historic, narrow-minded opinions.

Unfortunately, almost four weeks later, I am yet to receive a response to my correspondence.

I take it that Addison Lee do not share my view that a five minute waiting/loading fee is only chargeable when a driver actually has to wait for five minutes or more. Though I find this somewhat bemusing I find it more surprising that you feel it acceptable to ignore a complaint letter that I spent some time slaving over. Furthermore, I find it inconceivable that a modern-day organisation such as yourselves would not wish to at least follow-up and further investigate allegations of racial slurs within the company.

I suggest that Addison Lee re-brand this division of the company as ‘Driver Relations’ or that those who have handled this case seek gainful employment where their skills may be put to better use; I hear Robert Kilroy-Silk is seeking a new PR team.

Kind regards and best wishes for 1810.

Kenny Wastell

Happy New Year everybody



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