The Crushed Commuter

Good Morning,

Normally on my way to work I read a book, listen to music or find myself falling asleep on some old lady’s shoulder. It is sometimes hard to have an enjoyable journey on a packed train full of tired commuters who are angry with you because you look less tired than them.

However, this very morning I had a superb journey. I arrived at the station and ran for the train. Footsteps accelerated behind me as I realised I wasn’t the only one running for this 8:07 to Charing Cross. I made the train and within seconds the doors started to slam shut…. on a red faced man.

There is something hilarious about seeing a banker crushed in between two train doors with coffee spilt all over his pinstripe suit. His squirm, his distorted face. This man reacted as if he had just been shot while escaping from prison. He managed to free himself from the doors and grumbled to himself throughout the whole journey. It was fucking funny to witness.

Andrew X


2 thoughts on “The Crushed Commuter

  1. I had the same issue this morning. Climbing the steps at Golders Green, i found myself behind a very large man, keen to push on, i made rapid feet movements hoping he would move over. This was of course an issue because he was much to large to squeeze past.

    As i reached the top of the stairs i heard the beeping noise of the doors closing. I launched myself…..
    …. nearly bloody broke my arms as the doors slammed shut on me. Not only this but my bag got bloody stuck. The embarrassment is hard to describe as the tube carriage was packed I did not once give anyone eye contact and just foraged around in my bag for some imaginary item to hide the disgust at the fact that i was now one of those people that i detest.

    Its a harsh world!

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