“Don’t Put your Penis in it”

Our blog seems to have gotten all serious. I’m going to take the maturity level and high brow-ness back down to where it belongs…

I tried creating a Wikipedia page whilst I was at work yesterday. I was going to fabricate the inventor of the shoe horn (Alistair Shoehorn) as suggested by my colleague, but I thought I should try to create a new saying instead.

“Don’t Put Your Penis In It”
The slang saying for messing up a task, referring to the act of placing one’s genitals into something to ruin the outcome. Not to be confused with the actual act of placing one’s penis into an object or situation; such as a heated debate or dessert offering. Similar sayings include ‘don’t cock it up’ or ‘don’t stick your ore in’. Examples of when these would be used: “Come on Trevor, don’t put your penis in it, we was only joking, geezer.” Or: “He put his penis in it this time, John, he can say goodbye to that sales bonus.”

See also:
– Penis

Suffice to say, this was only published on Wikipedia for about 7 minutes before they realized that no one in the office had ever heard of “don’t put your penis in it”. I like to think the editor tried using the saying on his workmate around seven minutes after it was published, and wasn’t appreciated for doing so.

Much love

Thom -x-


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