The Storm

There was a mighty, mighty storm in South London on Saturday night. We were preparing to play a show at Dirty South which was cancelled because the roof leaked all over the stage. As a bubble of water hung overhead ready to explode we calmly vacated the stage and made for the bar so as to avoid death by electrocution.

Sound check was great though. The new songs are sounding thunderous! Thanks to everybody who made it down to see us as well as the door-people and bar staff for helping us out on a stressful Saturday night. Unfortunately it was not to be.

In between getting drunk and getting drunker, I observed the magical sound engineer, Joe, pack down all the stage equipment in super fast time with miraculous precision. Dirty South, we want your Sound Engineer! He is the Man! From now on when I pray, I pray to Joe from Dirty South because he is the kind person who gets the job done. A legend.

As the storm cleared, we made our way back to the house and had some tea.

I’m sitting in bed now, with some tea, as I’m down with the sickness!



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