Cool by Association

On Saturday we put on the third Hands Up Who Cares night at Bunker Club in Deptford. It was my first ever DJ set and despite a certain prior apprehension I loved every minute of it.

As horrible as it is when you play a mood killer from behind that desk (which didn’t happen seeing as I am the best DJ in the world), it is a tremendously sexual experience when you get it right. You’d never think it but playing somebody else’s music and hence inducing ‘coolness by association’ is pretty damned empowering.

Cheers to Mr. Cougar Microbes for his very awesome set and his help with promotion and to everybody who came down and got pissed up on £1.50 drinks with us. Much fun was had. Next one is on Saturday 10th October.


P.S. We’re playing a show this Saturday with very awesome local band Miss Scarlett @ Dirty South in Lewisham. Drinks are cheap and it’s £4 in. We will also be spinning some indie pop gems into the wee hours from the likes of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Modest Mouse, Metronomy…. etc. Visit the Facebook event page.


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