I’m not sure what it is I’m eating, but I keep doing very floaty shits at work. I panic every time I flush and I can always see one nugget bobbing around in there while I start to wash my hands, right till the very last second.

One of these days I’m going to have to flush twice, that’ll be embarrassing, it’s a very small office with very thin walls.



4 thoughts on “Floater

  1. hahaha having just read this, i know today’s gonna be a good day!

    what i have asked myself many times, is: why is it always just one that doesn’t make it to the dark ground of toilet hell? why is it not a couple that stay up there fighting for survival?

    anyway, alan, as if i’d felt that there would be an important message from you to the world today, i had a rather odd dream last night, where you came to austria to teach guitar at university. you were pretty corpulent in that dream. but that might have just been all that gas…

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