So you want to be a Fluffer?

Your short guide to Fluffers and fluffing (1973).
By T. Wicks

1. Wash hands thoroughly. Use acti-bacterial moisturising lotion or similar for smooth hands.
2. Be confident, no one likes a nancy boy, but don’t be cocky, he won’t like that.
3. Make some light chatter, maybe make a joke about his impressive old fellow, but keep it light, nobody likes a smart arse.
4. Lube up well my son, this isn’t a back alley toss off, this is a job. Apply liberally and often.
5. Steady strokes, you ruddy amateur, you’re not trying to win any races, you’re just greasing the plumbing.
6. When the client feels he is ready to ‘perform’, be gracious and thank him for his time, then he might ask you back again. You never know old chum, it could turn into a career!


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