The Holiday

I recently went on a holiday. On my holiday I saw a naked, overweight, elderly woman run down the road waving her hands in the air. On second thought maybe she was warning me of what the Gods had planned for me over the next couple of days.

On the third night I was awoken at 3am by an uninvited man wearing nothing but his pants walking into my room. After my successful attempt of getting him to exit my room, he continued to knock on every door along the corridor for the remainder of the morning. Hell.

I phoned up reception and tried to explain an uninvited, half naked man stormed into my room. They said it was ” impossible” and then immediately hung up. My dream for the remainder of the night, was of me repetitively jumping out of bed straight into a judo position.

We had a practice last night, and are currently working on a batch of new songs that we all think are mighty banging!

We are all officially too weak to lift Alan’s amp up into the lock up!

Little Legs



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