Thriller/Slasher from Hell

Last night I watched Wolf Creek, the most brutal film I have ever seen.

It’s not so much that it’s a flawless horror; I’d say it all resolves itself in a bit of a rush. It’s not even particularly creepy, or eerie, or spooky. It’s just downright bloodcurdling and pant staining. At the same time it does that bastard thriller thing of being wickedly gripping; who’s the sadist who came up with that concept?

If there is anybody you want to show up, perhaps somebody who’s a little too macho for their own good or maybe just ever so slightly conceited, make them watch this movie. In fact, if they are going travelling, even better. It’ll turn them into a quivering baby.

Thankfully I managed to evade the boogieman and make it through the night… just.



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