This morning, I was in my bed just lying there like a big ginger pig, drifting in and out of sleep and drooling all over the place. At one point I woke up and there was a massive thunderstorm going on, like, fucking massive.

It wasn’t so much the rain, more the thunder and lightning, huge flashes and then immidiate, ginormous,  thunderclaps. In my sloth like state, I deduced that since the lightning and thunder were happening at the same time, my flat must be right in the middle of the storm, I didnt bother to get up to have a look though, I just lay there and scratched my balls.

Just as I was getting back off to sleep, the biggest thunderclap I have ever heard occured and all the car alarms in the carpark outside started going off. That is fucking mental isn’t it? Fucking car alarms went off!

I woke up again a few hours later and thought I’d drempt it all, but just now I went accross the road to the Tesco express with my flatmate Marek, and he brought it up.

The car alarms got set off….. Imagine that.



One thought on “Storm

  1. gosh!

    i’ve never encountered a thunderstorm in my four and a half years in britain – not even once.

    we get them all time in austria and they’re cool (as long as you’re somewhere safe and not stood under a tree in a lake).

    your experience just sounds scary though. can’t believe you’re so incredibly lazy to not even get up though. you must be the laziest person i know (and i know quite a few)


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