Just a thought…

I was wondering since I’m not really into these movies:

Who do you think got laid more; James Bond or Captain Kirk?

It seemed like Bond getting laid was part of his job, and his arch nemesis’s did have a habit of employing a very beautiful and sexually adventurous personal assistant that Bond would nail without fail within half an hour of screen time.

Kirk, however wasn’t too picky about getting it on with many a species, but then again I don’t know how space travel works, it could be a few years at a time before he docked at a planet where a vagina or indeed vaginas were attatched to the female species. Then again you make do with what you can get don’t you, I’m sure they had a cleaning lady aboard the Enterprise where he in passing might mention that he was free that very evening and that his penis was in fact bigger and better than all of the other crew. Or not, who knows? Bond though, might have been a complete nancy when he wasn’t working, snuggled in a cardigan in his English country house thinking about buying more cardigans. It’s a mystery isn’t it.

Much love

Thom -x-


10 thoughts on “Just a thought…

  1. i think that james bond is gay really. he puts the womanizer role on way too much – it’s well suspicious!

    and… do you go for cleaning ladies if there’s nothing else available, thom?

    • All I’m saying is that Captain Kirk could probably get some terrific pussy on the enterprise, but if all else fails (this being a ship of rank, sexism and class) the cleaning lady probably would be the last option, yes. That or the cleaning man….In an Enterprise toilet cubicle….Up the bum….In silence.

  2. hahaha. captain kirk sure sounds more like a pornstar name as well.

    i do however think you have a clean-sex-fetish. whilst staying completely quiet of course. hmm…

    • Well if you were Captain Kirk having dirty bum sex in a toilet cubicle with Raoul, I think you’d keep pretty quiet too. Imagine if the guy with the wierd crumply face from Star Trek came in for a wee and heard commands that weren’t to control the Enterprise, eh? Then what? he would be relieved of his command. Unless he joined in. This was the 70’s after all. Orgys, big hair and big pubes. And Creedance Clearwater Revival, the best band that ever lived.

  3. i thought you were the best band that ever lived? at least that’s the attitude you should have as a band from england, no? haha!

    orgys, big hair and big pubes all sound fab. maybe you should start a star trek appreciation band who performs orgies on stage…

    • I’ll be honest I’m not a star trek fan. Orgys on the other hand I have never tried but would very much like to partake given the opportunity. Not big on big pubes either. However me and Alan had a debate around this topic. Alan’s very much a trimmer of the man feather, so I’m told; a shaver of balls too, I’m not so much. Not to say it’s like captain caveman’s hairy face around my nether regions but never I felt the need to prune the hedgerow. What do you reckon? Shaved, Trimmed, or Captain Caveman?

      • to be hoenst i know fuck all about star trek cause i’m not much into sci-fi in general. haha.

        orgies could be rather entertaining i think (with the right people of course – no ugly fuckers allowed haha)

        my opinion on pubic hair is: if it’s not a primeval forest hiding in your pants, why do anything about? trimming is ok but don’t shave it all (for men anyway). shaving balls is a good idea if you want someone to get close to them without choking on furballs.

        generally i would however suggest that shaving down below is well overrated.

  4. ahahaha i do disgust myself sometimes too but not as much as i disgust other people. and i love your idea! haha – ok some ugly fuckers are allowed. but not in the proper participation hahaha.

    and i’ve thought about the whole bodyhair-shaving-topic further on yesterday’s bank holiday – i realised i’d forgotten how disgusting i find men who shave their chests or even worse armpits and legs. i mean what the fuck is wrong with these pussies?! if i were a man i would be so proud of my hairiness and well show it off! in fact i actually don’t have penis-envy but moustache-envy. i want a tache so much that i’m gonna by myself some stick-on taches once my bank balance is sorted again. ha!

    so to conclude this: bodyhair is MANLY.

    ps: hairy back however still fail to impress me. but then again i didn’t like hairy chests ten years ago so let’s see in 2019…

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