So much to learn…

Only recently have I learned the term ‘Labia’. I had no idea what it was, or what it was used for. For those of you as innocent as myself it’s means *whispers* “lady parts. It’s a specific “lady part” but for all intensive purposes a “lady part”. I guess all that’s left for me to do is put it in a sentence today. I’m at work, but I don”t think you can get a disciplinary for describing a technical error as a labial malfunction.

Much love

Thom -x-


6 thoughts on “So much to learn…

  1. hahaha excellent.

    i think labia actually sounds very beautiful, maybe i’ll call my child like that one day 😛

    (and yes i know what it actually is)

    there’s lots of beautiful names to be made out of random things…


  2. hahaha aww and i thought i was just my mum who was so niave…. 😉
    you should watch the embarrasing bodies clinic (or whatever its called) on channel 4. its full of new words for you to learn…….

    • Well, I knew that part of the VAGINA I just didn’t know it had a technical name. Or a scientific name. Like I also didn’t know that the part on the PENIS that gives much pleasure is called the FRENUM (might be spelt differently).
      Interestingly enough, after quizzing a friend that surely that would mean there’s the same name for both inner and outer VAGINAL lips, I found out that they are actually LABIA MINORA and LABIA MAJORA. Or something. I obviously bunked too many sex education classes at school, or couldn’t stop staring at Miss Penny long enough to be listening to what she had to say. Damn she was fiiiiiiine.

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