MySpace? Your face!

I wouldn’t say that I am the sort of person who is adverse to change. I celebrated Bollock Obama’s electoral success. I change my route to work pretty much daily due to severe delays on the [pick-a-line-any-line] undergound line. I even change my bed sheets every few months. Change for the sake of change puzzles me though.

I was saying “hello” to a bunch of nice people who had said a bunch of nice things on our MySpace comments board yesterday. Since we are now interweb celebs with over 1,000 MyFriends I thought I would broadcast details of our upcoming Friday 1st of May show to our admiring fanatics. I was picturing thousands being turned away from the venue due to overcrowding after having queued overnight in the hope of catching a glimpse of their newest hairy idols. Imagine how far I spat my Bovril upon discovering that my public address board had disappeared. Gone. *Kapufff* into outer cyber-space.

For those of you unfamiliar with MySpace they used to have a bulletin board where you could post details of shows, parties, items you were buying or selling etc etc. This would show up on your friends ‘home’ pages when they logged in. It was an amazing tool for musicians promoting upcoming events. It seems like MySpace have instead decided to jump on the Facebook and Twitter bandwagon of living in the right-this-second.  They’ve replaced it with a bloody scrolling down status and mood update feed thingy. Bullshit.

Anyway; FREE show on Friday 1st of May at Deptford Arms, Deptford High Street, Deptford, SE London. Come down and have a riot with us. Hope to see you all there.



9 thoughts on “MySpace? Your face!

  1. i hate the changed myspace layout too! fuckers!

    but the bulletin must be still working somehow, as i still receive bulletins from other (far less interesting) people…


  2. so… as i am a technical genius, i just found out how you can still post bulletins:

    go on INBOX. next to it you have a list of things you can “compose”. bulletins are one of them 🙂

    looking forward to reading yours soon


  3. haha ok i’m no technical genius after all. i saw your status not the bulletin! d’oh! that’s what happens when i try to work and do my myspace/facebook/email stuff at the same time…

    i can see the bulletins of other people at the very bottom of my page, yours is not included though… 😦

    try post another?


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