Strollin’ an’ rollin’

Today I went to gourmet burger kitchen to have lunch with my friend Sarah. I was a bit fucked off on the way down because I’d seen a voucher on the internet for a two for one deal there, but, when I’d filled out their stupid little form (with fake details because I’m tough), they sent me a voucher, not for two for one, but for burger chips and a drink for £9.75. Not that same thing is it… Wankers.

Anyway, I was walking down Oxford street, which,  as the busiest street in the universe,  is never something to improve a bad mood and I turned right next to a branch of Pret A Manger. Sitting outside this Pret chewing on a ploughmans (probably) sandwich was a ruddy maasai tribesman wearing the full get-up. And he was sitting opposite some suited up city bird yacking away on her blackberry with her laptop out.

Pissed myself.



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