Bank holiday

So, bank holiday weekend, the weather was shit.

While I was drunk on Thursday night I decided that on Friday I’d head down to Southampton with my friends in the crushingly epic Carlisle band Manatees and watch their show there. A few months ago their drummer Paulie (pictured) smashed their van into oblivion, the boys then bought this incredible beast….


I felt quite the hero rolling down the motorway in this badboy, i guess it’s a real fanny magnet if your particular brand of fanny is an overexcited 8 year old boy, not that I’m saying the manatees are into that….. They are, but I’m not saying it, Ok?

Kenny very generously presented us with a copy of God Shuffled His Feet by The Crash Test Dummies and we listened to their greatest (and only?) hit Mmm mmm mmm mmm over and over and over again whilst driving, that song only gets boring after 30 or so back to back listens. Pure quality.

Later, we rolled up to a pub in Southampton and loaded the gear into the upstairs room, in the downstairs room that night was a shit metal show, well, I assumed it was going to be a shit metal show, but, on closer inspection later in the night after a couple of Newcastle Brown Ales, I discovered this happening:


Probably the best thing ever, that guy has two fucking necks on his bass!!! TWO NECKS!!!!! And check out the custom mic stands, MADE OUT OF CHAINS!!!!!

God damn that is sweet.



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