Last night we played a show in a place called The Dirty South.

It was my first show, I fucked up right at the very very beginning (sweet) and then my amp blew up in the middle of the first song (sweeter). Not in a spectacular KABOOOOM style way, as suggested in this post’s title, but in a lame ffffzzzzzz sort of way. Resulting in a cockish scrabble around on the ground trying to work out which pedal has stopped working… But it wasn’t the pedal, it was the newly serviced amp. I was pretty pissed off.

If you’re not in a massive, famous, rich band, playing live music is just like turning up at the Olympics and then finding that your event has been changed to running through a shitty minefield, blindfolded, in a suit covered in strong magnets…… But still, for some reason, we always turn up to shows expecting to enjoy it.

I wonder if I’ll ever learn….. I hope not.



One thought on “KABLAM!

  1. You’re pretty cool.

    To be fair, if you can do a gig like that and remotely engage an audience, then when stuff actually works, you’re going to be bigger than the stones..

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