Pondersome… (part 2)

After a busy day at work I decided to walk through Greenwich park on the way home. As a smoker, after climbing the hill I naturally had a sit down. I forgot what a stunning view it is across London, with the o2 Arena and Canary Wharf standing majestically to the East, and then over to the North you have the financial district and central London, with St. Pauls, the BT tower and the Gherkin. In the late afternoon, it looked quite the image, with the red haze hitting the tall buildings with a backdrop of blues and pinks in the sky. It made London look possibly the most serene I’d ever seen it.

I sat for a while (two and a half cigarettes), and pondered on how little time we actually spend chilling out. Especially because London is so fast paced and stressful. You think you’ll be the mellow guy or gal who strolls calmly through Charing Cross station and just smiles with pitty at the bustling commuters kicking your fucking heels and Nazi-ing it through the forecourt, but you just end up joining them; grimacing at the inconcievable 4 minute wait for the tube and that there cannot possibly be no more room on the carriage for your special self. So before the cold breeze set in and I went home to masturbate, I think I felt what Ghandi felt when he sat on a hill. Whenever that was.

Much love

Thom -x-


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