It’s probably just a hangover from celebrating Alan’s birthday, but all morning I’ve been in a foul mood. I’m fucking frustrated with trying to book shows. I don’t understand how a band is supposed to build a local following if they are only allowed to play in their home town once every four weeks.

I understand the theory that a band can only drag their mates down to see them ‘en masse’ once in a blue moon. But what about bands who don’t just want to play to their mates? What about hard working bands who just want to be heard? What about bands who are confident of regularly bringing down a reasonable crowd but want to work with promoters who promote? How are these bands supposed to keep any sense of momentum when their next show within a 30 mile radius takes place when the trees have all changed colour? Fucking mental.

The solution: house parties. Let us come and play your house party and we promise we won’t drink your dad’s display of 35 year old single malt. Book us now via this blog or our MySpace or by email. You will not regret it.



3 thoughts on “Wooing.

  1. Im having a house party. It is part of my leaving New Zealand celebrations, could you make it? It will be the 3rd April, in Christchurch NZ! Good, i’ll see you there. I love KUTF – Rock on. Oh and im off to see the KOL 2moro exciting times

  2. I think house parties are indeed the solution.

    Also, press, recordings, the whole kit and kaboodle: for some reason, people take you more seriously if someone ‘in the know’ has given their endorsement of you, even if what you’re doing stays the same. Stupid I know.

    That, coupled with going around the country playing to empty rooms a couple of times a year and some support gigs, and you might be on your way.

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