hi, i have never written a blog before. So this is my breaking-in period.

It was Alan’s birthday last night so all the band, plus his countless truly beautiful friends came too to this swanky bar in Old Street,  one of which gave me a freshy baked cookie (one of the nicest cookies this side of greggs), another made me smell her joggers armpit (womens B.O is nicer than man’s B.O, it’s sort of like a newly washed linen shirt actually, drying in the sun like in the lenor advert.)
Had the pleasure of watching Alan Booth be sick though. Alot came out of the poor man as he announced his imminent chundering, before stumbling round the corner to pray to the concrete again and again between cries of ‘make it stop’, (he didn’t say that, he yacked in silence except for that horrible ‘hack’ sound you hear from a silent yacker. Not like my Dad who swears whilst being sick.)
I’m so pleased to have Alan in the band though, not only does he keep doing these cool things in rehearsal like effective guitar bends and effected sparse guitar parts than sound immense, he also managed to get me and Kenny cheap guitars on his endorsement. I’ve never played a piece of musical equipment that’s exceeded double figures, so when my Fender Jazz Bass arrived yesterday with it’s smooth body, long slender neck, and lushious lips, i couln’t help but climb into the inner-lined, cushion-ey case and dry hump it, closing the lid behind us.

On a seperate note, (this being my first blog on the interweb) young Kenny does have a very big point, and we will be at your house parties whether you like it or not, but if any of you people can help us out with the number of people coming to our shows, that would be awesome. We even wouldn’t mind meeting your family if the occasion arises.

Lastly, I thought i’d share this with you because it’s still haunting me. I was in the shower this morning and I slipped ever so slightly on the porcelain and my bum fell on the tap, but it couln’t have been a more perfect land, because the shower thingy that lets you chose bath or shower mode went right up my crack for a second. it was unpleasant. anyways look forward to speaking with you again.

Much love

Thom -x-


3 thoughts on “Pondersome…

  1. This has to be the best blog on the net. I will certianly be spreading the word. Thom, i understand its not the first thing that has entered your backside. Enjoy!

    • For the record young Matthew, the tap thingy did not enter anywhere but merely bruised my bum in the area that shares the crack. For the record I once had an anal “ABCESS”, which a big burly caribean nurse did once have to feel in but “AROUND” the infected area.

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