Today I’m at work, I was checking my facebook when I saw my friend Caz banging on about the fact that there was a photo of her in the Mirror becasue she looks like Beth Ditto or something. I checked it out, she doesn’t look that much like Beth Ditto really…

But anyway, while I was on the website I found out that the World’s Tiniest Daddy, Alfie, is not really the World’s Tiniest Daddy and that apparently his adulterous “girlfriend” Chantelle had been letting every kid in school shoot their beans up her. Check it out:

Poor old Alfie, learn a lesson mate, you can’t trust any of them.


ps. I am stupid at computers and don’t know how to do links or anything properly on this website. I don’t really care though.


3 thoughts on “Work

  1. How come your writing comes out bigger than Ken’s?

    Also, why are you writing about a 13 year old dad (or not) on a band blog? Is this what web 2.0 means?

  2. You better watch it Fraser or you will find your comments deleted. Sorted the writing out for you. How much of a nice guy am I?


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